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In an effort to keep in touch with today’s bride, the Bridal Association will from time to time participate in community events.
This year we will have a booth at the Great Kern County Fair September 17st to September 28th.

We are lucky enough to have the premier location right inside the doors on a corner.  At this event we only allow 20 members to be featured in the booth.  As a featured member you will get:

1.   The opportunity to work in the booth and great the public (Avg attendance at the KC    Fair in around 400,000 people)
2.   Your information, Flyers, Business Cards etc will be placed in all bags.
3.   Small display space to display your business information.
4.   A copy of all who register with us (last year 186).

Important note: We do not give-a-way anything to entice people to register with us only that they will be kept informed about upcoming events and get exclusive discounts from our members

The total investment to be 1 of only 20 featured members is $240. So for $20 dollars a day you can be a part of the Kern County Fair!

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