Bakersfield Flower Market

We are a family-owned Corporation based in Kern County with two sides of the business. Leslies Floral, Inc. is our legal name doing business as: Bakersfield Flower Market and Leslies Floral Supplies. Our Retail stores are Leslies Custom Floral in Delano and Flowers and More in Fresno, CA.

Our Wholesale operation based in Bakersfield, CA serves over 100 of the finest Florists in over 25 cities here in the Central Valley. From Bakersfield to Sacramento we provide our customers with the freshest and most exclusive flowers direct from growers all over the world every week!

Like a clock, we are extremely consistent with our quality and delivery schedule. On a 7 day window for perishable flowers in a very competitive economy, our weekly operations never stop. Sold out or not, all our items get re-stocked every week.

Even though we import a great amount of flowers, we give our California growers first bids on all the products we sell. We believe and encourage our customers to buy flowers grown in the USA, and are happy to tell you that we have seen a great increase in California-grown flowers sold right here in the Central Valley in the last 3 years.

Understanding the logistics and the importance of the delivery dates in our end of the business is everything in order to maintain the cold chain process. For instance, all California grown flowers are collected by one of our own trucks every Monday but not Friday. This is due to the fact that flowers are usually not picked during the weekend, so we special request our growers a fresh pick on Monday for you to get them on Tuesday. Having these extra 4 days before your wedding is extremely important for all your special weekend events or weddings, so that you have the time to act if Mother Nature didn’t agree with your bride’s color choice.

Our imported flowers -mainly carnations, roses and fillers- are flown to LAX from Quito on a Saturday flight, giving US Customs a day to release and have them ready for us on Monday. From Bogota to MIA on a Wednesday flight and then truck them to CA in a very strict, state of the art Cold-Chain transportation process. Allowing the flowers to “lie dormant” until they are cut on a “5 second rule”. Once they are cut and put into a bacteria-free bucket with non-bleach water and floral food, the flowers will last for about 3 weeks. This will give us 1 week to sell them, and it will give our Florists 1 week to have them before the final consumer takes them home to enjoy them for another week. Tip: giving your flowers a fresh cut every other day, changing the water daily and cleaning your buckets with soap and bleach every week will ensure the results.

From Visalia to Fresno, Sales Rep. Javier Cardenas runs our route every Wednesday and Friday. Special orders are required to be turned in 2 weeks before your event in order to guarantee availability. Last minute orders can be texted to me for faster confirmation. You can always call him directly for a special request.  (New customers must call the warehouse first in order to get a delivery schedule and all the paper work filled out).

Our newest route expansion with Sales Rep. Erick Rodriguez takes place from Porterville to Sacramento every Tuesday afternoon until Friday. This route stops in Merced, Modesto, Stockton, Dixon and West Sac.

With over 10,000 rose’ stems purchased on Standing Order basis weekly, 60 different kinds of flowers and 1 Million stems of flowers sold every month, we assure you that we are the right people to give your business to.


Bakersfield Flower Market
2416 N St Bakersfield, CA 93301
Text 661-900-6175
M-F 7:30 am ‘til 4:00pm
S 8:00am ‘til 2:00pm

Leslies Custom Floral
1205 Main St
Delano, CA 93215
P 1-661-725-0743
M-S 9:00am ‘til 5:30pm

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