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AJ's Tuxedo Junction Bakersfieldchaps Tuxedo Rental BakersfieldThe formal attire that comprises of a coat, a matching pair of pants, a shirt and a bow tie along with a cummerbund is loosely referred to as a dinner jacket in most parts of UK while in USA it is called a tuxedo.

The tuxedo is now commonly referred to as the tux in almost all parts of the country and several accessories have been added to the normal tuxedo of the early ages. The vests add to the formal look to the tux. But they also allow the flexibility of taking the top coat off, when the temperatures rise, maintaining the suave look that the attire provides all the time.


seven White Tuxedo Rental Bakersfield WeddingWith people getting more experimental with this formal attire, buttoned tuxedo shirts are being replaced by tuxedo vest to add a little informal touch to the conventional garb. With a tuxedo vest and shirt, those who do not prefer to wear a tie can do away with a neck piece or a bow tie. The tuxedo vest can help the formal traditional attire to be more comfortable. The tuxedo shirt may be worn with any of the vests or directly under a dinner jacket depending on how informal you want to make it.

Several customized printed tuxedo shirts are also available in the market today, which can be mixed and matched with tuxedo vests.

Bakersfield john galante Tux for RentAJ’s Tuxedo Junction in Bakersfield is a one stop shop for tuxedo related items where several accessories like tuxedo shirts, cummerbunds, ties, vests and even shoes can be purchased. The store has several outlets in Bakersfield and caters to tux related needs of the San Joaquin Valley and other nearby areas. The staff of the Bakersfield store has been specially trained to provide assistance to the client and suggest the most suitable style depending on the frame of the client. With over 40 years of experience in this field, AJ’s Tuxedo Junction is an established name in the realm of tuxedos and provides you all the variety that you may need.


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