Images for Bridal Show

Ok Photographers, I need images for the upcoming Bridal Show. The sooner you get these to me the more I will use. Also the more you send the more i may use. Here is what I am looking for:

  • I need to be able to use it for the storefront Posters 11X17
  • The cover of the program 5.5w X 8.5t
  • VIP Tickets 8.375″ x 2.625
  • GA Tickets 2″ x 5.375
  • Facebook Cover Photo 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall (used in the post tweet win contest we will use several)
  • Facebook Advertising 600 pixels wide by 400 pixels tall
  • Instagram Photos Advertising 1080 pixels wide by 1080 pixels tall
  • Posters 24 X 36
  • Postcards 4 X 6
  • Postcards 5 X 7
  • Your logo as a transparent PNG, PDF, PST or AI

All images need to have room for logos and information. please send without your logo/copyright on the image. I will place your logo/copyright on the image in the appropriate location.

You must be in the show to get credit for the image.
If you can identify any of the companies in the photo that would be helpful ie: cake by Tastries, Dress from Ladies and Gents, Location is Seven Oaks Country Club, etc.
I have some sample images below.

This is for our bridal show at the Kern County Fairgrounds
The more images you send over the better as I will most likely run several adds on facebook.
Kyle Brown

Click on any Image for a larger view

Facebook Cover


Facebook Cover


Facebook Cover

General Admission Tickets

GA Tickets

Program Cover

Program Cover

VIP Tickets

VIP Tickets

4 X 6 Postcard

Postcard Front 4 X 6

Poster Example
Poster 12 X 18

20 Things to do as Soon as You Get Engaged


20 Things to do as Soon as You Get Engaged

Congratulations! You got the ring now it’s time to kick start the exciting journey of wedding planning. So, to help you out, here’s 20 things to keep you organized:

1) Call the Parents!

Wedding ShoesCall everyone! You just got engaged its time to spread the good news to all of your BFF’s, siblings, cousins, 3rd grade math teacher, everyone! Let the world know you’re marrying your prince charming!



Photo credit: C & B Photography

2) Nails on point?

Wedding NailsChipped polish? Need a fill? That ring finger is about to be the center of attention for the next few months so make sure your friends and family are not looking at old chipped polish next to that beautiful new engagement ring. Here is a list of great beauty vendors to help you stay well groomed:



                                                                                                                                                                          Photo credit: Abby’s Photography
3) The Ring Selfie

wedding plans

The big announcement. For all the friends and family on social media it’s time for the picture worth a thousand words. It’s time to show off that rock! Get the future hubby in that pic, pose that hand, get the perfect filter, but most importantly make sure that ring catches the light!


Photo credit: Abby’s Photography



4) Insure the Bling!

engagment ring insurance It may not be the most romantic thing in the world but it is a necessary evil. When added as an extension to your home owners or renter policy, it can be pretty expensive. So sit down with your future hubby and insure that ring, you’ll be thankful you did.




                                                                                                                                                                    Photo credit: Shelli Renne Photography 

5) Update Your Relationship Status

wedding plans

It’s not official until it’s Facebook official. There’s no right or wrong way to do it, you can do it right away or you can wait it out. Either way making the change from “in a relationship” to “ engaged” is sure to get you lots of love from your friends and family.





Photo credit: Ashely dePencier Photography


6) Have Sex

wedding plans Set the tone for the rest of the relationship with a night of steamy passion. Your first night as an engaged couple will seal the deal forever.





                                                                                                                                                                      Photo credit: Abby’s Photography

7) Time to Celebrate!


Whether it’s getting the girls together to hit the town or spending the night in with your future husband relaxing and celebrating your future together, celebrate! You’re about to get married!



Photo credit: C & B Photography

8) Take a Break!

wedding plans Despite what you may have heard there is absolutely no need to start planning every detail of the wedding immediately. Take a couple of weeks with your partner to let the news sink in and live in the amazing moment of being in love! With all the upcoming stress you’ll be grateful for the break.






                                                                                                                                                                                Photo credit: Abby’s Photography

9) Get the Ring Sized!


Sometimes it fits, sometimes… not so much. If not that’s OK! Take it to your jeweler to have it sized. We don’t want that puppy slipping off your finger do we?




Photo credit: Abby’s Photography
10) Interview Planners

engagement plans

Professional planners may not be for everyone, but if you’re considering hiring one be sure to do your research. Ask around for references then set up interviews with potential hires. A wedding planner is defiantly worth it for the vendor connections alone!





                                                                                                                                                                    Photo credit: C & B Photography

11) The Wedding Size

wedding plans

Whether it’s big or small be sure your partner and yourself are on the same page. Getting a rough estimate on your guest count, generally location and especially your budget will help you commit to a venue.



Photo credit: Abby’s Photography

12) Discussing the Budget

engagement Not everyone likes to talk money, however before you can fully move forward with wedding preparations, a budget has to be set between yourself and your partner. Or your partner, yourself and the parents.






                                                                                                                                                 Photo credit: David Video and photography Productions

13) Planning Potential Dates

wedding plans The more desirable dates and venues will get booked well in advance. So if you plan on tying the knot in the next couple of years, you should start thinking about dates soon. But be sure there’s no potential conflicts for both families.





Photo credit: Kellie’s Keepsake Photography

14) Check Up on Venues

planning venue

You can’t set a date until you’ve booked your venue! But always do research first. Get all the information on pricing and availability before any decisions are made.




                                                                                                                                                                 Photo Credit: Ashley dePencier Photography
15) Decide on Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

bridesmaids, groomsmen

Odd numbers or even? How many do you guys want? Small wedding party or big? These are important decisions that need to be made before one of you starts asking friends to join the wedding party




Photo credit: David Video and Photography Productions

16) Check Out the Trunk Shows

wedding plans

Did a specific dress designer catch your eye? Try looking online for their next trunk show schedule to see when the next tile is they will be in your town and how much of a discount you can score!






                                                                                                                                                                   Photo credit: Ashely dePencier Photography

17) Build a Wedding Website

engagement checklist You can build it from scratch or use a wedding template, but do it together! Check out the pro’s and con’s, make a choice, and build a beautiful wedding website.







Photo credit: Ashely dePencier Photography

18) Create Your Own Wedding Pinterest Board

make your own You can make your board private without the rest of the world seeing your creative genius in all things wedding, or you can make it public and let world know what you have planned! Or, only invite certain people, like your mom, wedding planner and close friends to view your board and contribute to it.


                                                                                                                                                                            Photo credit: C & B Photography

19) Plan the Engagement Party!

More than likely the parents have hinted at hosting bwedding plansy now, if not figure out if you plan on having one, if so start planning!




Photo credit: C & B Photography 

20) Let Off Some Steam

let off some steam

Laser tag, roller skating, game night, whatever makes you happy do it! Planning a wedding is incredibly stressful from the start to “I do”. So take time to laugh, connect with your partner, and remember why you’re getting married.




                                                                                                                                                              Photo Credit: Ashley dePencier Photography 

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The first thing you must do after reading this entire post is register.  If you don’t register you’re not in and your post will not be counted. We need to know you’re participating (this page will be updated over the next few weeks and yes you can copy any post from the Bridal Association and make it your own.

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Post, Tweet and Win! Use #kcbaweddings

Use social media to tell others you’ll be at the Fairytale Bridal Event  Sunday, September 11, 2016,  and you could win a booth for our January Bridal Show.

The Bridal Association is using social media—Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, Pinterest and Google+ to promote the Fairytale Bridal Event at the Bakersfield Marriott. Help us spread the word about the bridal show on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, Pinterest and Google+ and you could get a standard booth at the January Bridal Show—for free! It’s also a great way to let others know that you’ll be there!
Bonus Entries for Sharing our Posts, Liking our posts and commenting on the posts (Each activity gets you one more entry)

The winner will be announced at the Bridal Show Sunday 9.11.2016 before the doors open.

Exemplary posts or tweets will count as double, so be on your toes! Link your posts to and our Facebook Page

How can you win?

Follow us on Social Media

Interact with us on Social Media

  • KCBA on Google+On Google+, Follow the Bridal Association and write a review of the association. When you post a review with a comment, you will get 1 extra entry in the drawing.
  • KCBA on TwitterOn Twitter, mention @kcbabride and use the #kcbaweddings hashtag to spread the word about your participation in the Bridal Show.
    • Example Tweet: Come meet David Tutera at Weddings 2016 a Bridal event at the Kern County Fairgrounds  @kcbabride #kcbaweddings.
    • More Examples below!
  • KCBA on FacebookOn your business Facebook page, tag us in your Post about the Bridal Show and your involvement or advice for brides about the bridal show and use hashtag #kcbaweddings.
    • All Posts must be about the bridal show in some way
  • KCBA on InstagramOn Instagram, follow us and Post about the Bridal Show and your involvement or advice for brides about the bridal show and use hashtag #kcbaweddings

Only one tweet, one Facebook post/tag, one Instagram post, & one Google+ mention per participant per day will be entered into the contest. You can get up to 4 entries per day by posting daily on each social media site. The more eligible tweets and posts, the more chances you have to win.

Change your Cover Photo


BONUS:  Place this image as your Facebook business cover photo and you will get 1 entry for every day it’s on your Facebook page from 8/17/16 to 9/9/16.  to get the image follow the instructions below.

  • Click on Image for the Clear Full Size Image
  • When Image opens up on new page right click and Save Image As to your desktop
  • Then log in to your Facebook business page and click on change cover, upload and save.
  • Send me a Facebook message so I know you changed it.

We’ll randomly draw a winner from the entries collected throughout the contest period.

Rules and Regulations

  1. You must be a Bridal Association member participating in the September 11th Bridal Show and in good standing at the time of the Bridal Show to receive the free booth.
  2. Contest begins at 12:00 a.m., Aug 17, 2016, and ends at 12:00 a.m. September 9th, 2016
  3. Prize is non-transferable, no prize substitution or cash redemption is allowed.
  4. Only one Twitter handle/Facebook/Instagram/Google+ profile per Bridal Show Vendor is eligible for participation. Please use your company profile to participate in this contest. The Bridal Association reserves the right to determine eligibility of profile for Twitter handle/Facebook/Instagram/Google+ posts. For questions determining your profile, please contact Kyle Brown.
  5. Creating multiple accounts in order to enter the contest multiple times is prohibited.
  6. Posting the same tweet repeatedly is not permitted and in violation of the Twitter Rules. Please make sure your tweets and posts vary in content.
  7. You must include @kcbabride and #kcbaweddings in your tweets. Any variation on the hashtag will not count (ie: #kcbawedding, #kcba). Only #kcbaweddings will be accepted.

Example Posts

You can use these or write your own just make sure to include a link and the #kcbaweddings.

Join us for the bridal show on September 11th at the Bakersfield Marriott ! Get tickets at  or call 661.633.9200 #kcbaweddings

Bridal Show Tip! Wear Comfortable Shoes when attending the bridal show on Sunday at the Bakersfield Marriott.  Get your tickets here or call 661.633.9200 #kcbaweddings

It’s getting close!  Can’t wait to show off my service and meet all you brides at the bridal show on Sunday at the Bakersfield Marriott.  Get tickets here or call 661.633.9200 #kcbaweddings

Bridal Show Tip!  Arrive early – Go VIP. VIP access gets you into the show 30 minutes early, a bridal bag full of special goodies, and seating for the fashion show. Don’t miss your chance! VIP Tickets are limited! The Bridal Show is Sunday, September 11th at the  Bakersfield Marriott. Get tickets here or call 661.633.9200 #kcbaweddings

Bridal Show Tip!  Pre-register before the show. Save time by registering before the show. Registration only takes a few minutes and will save you time having to fill out a registration form at the show. The Bridal Show is Sunday at the Bakersfield Marriott. Get tickets here or call 661.633.9200 #kcbaweddings

Bridal Show Tip!  Bring your friends. Bringing your friends to the bridal show will help them feel involved and also give you a chance to bounce ideas back and forth.  The Bridal Show is Sunday at the Kern County Fairgrounds. Get tickets here or call 661.633.9200 #kcbaweddings

Bridal Show Tip!  Contact info labels. Wedding vendors will often have drawings for prizes at their booths. Instead of having to fill out multiple forms with your contact info, prepare some electronic labels before the bridal show. Information to include: your name, address, phone number, and email address. Best labels to use are shipping labels Avery® White Shipping Labels for Laser Printers 5163®, 2″ x 4″ The Bridal Show is Sunday at the Bakersfield Marriott.  Get tickets here or call 661.633.9200 #kcbaweddings

Bridal Show Tip!  Bring a notebook and pen Bring a notebook and pen so you can take notes. Write down contact info of vendors you talked to, thoughts you have while attending the bridal show or advice shared on stage! The Bridal Show is Sunday at the Bakersfield Marriott. Get tickets here or call 661.633.9200 #kcbaweddings

Bridal Show Tip!  Bring a digital camera. Bringing a simple digital camera will allow you to quickly remember some of the great things you saw at the show. Did you see a great dress during a bridal fashion show? Maybe there is a great cake from a wedding cake designer. The Bridal Show is Sunday at the Bakersfield Marriott. Get tickets here or call 661.633.9200 #kcbaweddings

Bridal Show Tip!  Know your budget. Setting your wedding budget and knowing who is responsible for each thing will help you make decisions and know what you are looking for while attending the show. The Bridal Show is Sunday at the Bakersfield Marriott. Get tickets here or call 661.633.9200 #kcbaweddings

Bridal Show Tip!  Bring your checkbook. Many wedding vendors will offer a special day-of-the-bridal-show-only discount. This will help you save even more money if you are able to find your vendor at bridal show.  The Bridal Show is Sunday at the Bakersfield Marriott. Get tickets here or call 661.633.9200 #kcbaweddings

Bridal Show Tip!  Do your research. Know which wedding services you need before the show. Also, try to find out which wedding vendors will be exhibiting. This will help you know what questions to ask and allow you to visit those vendors you are particularly interested in. The Bridal Show is Sunday at theBakersfield Marriott. Get tickets here or call 661.633.9200 #kcbaweddings

The Bridal Show is less than a week away! Make sure to get your VIP tickets before the show if you want seating for the fashion show.  You cannot get them at the door.  The Bridal Show is Sunday at the Bakersfield Marriott. Get tickets here or call 661.633.9200 #kcbaweddings

Down to less than 24 hours before the last Bridal Show Kern County has this year! This Sunday at the Bakersfield Marriott. Regular tickets still available at the door.  #kcbaweddings

Get Bridal Show Tickets! Fashion Show Gowns Tuxedos DJ’s Halls Chapels Caterers Cake Photo Limos and more 633-9200. Get everything you need to plan your wedding in one place on Sunday at the Bakersfield Marriott.  Fashion Show, Prizes, Giveaways, and so much more. Get your VIP tickets before they sell out! 633-9200

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KCBA Newsletter Update 11 23 2015

Hello everyone,

Happy ThanksgivingI thought it was time for an update as some of you are on Social Media. Some of you get my text messages, some get my emails, but somehow still not everyone get my messages, so I thought I would go old school.
This newsletter is a Facebook Post with a Link to a Blog Post, an Email with a Link to the Blog Post and an old fashion in the mail newsletter. (Oh, and a text with a link to the blog post)

I have so much to tell you I’m not sure where to start. There is a lot happening with the Bridal Association, I’ll just give you a table of content and let you pick where to start.
Please do take a moment to read through everything as it is all pretty important.

Before I get to the topics. This is top of the List. From this point forward if you are writing a check, KWBlogoPLEASE make it payable to KWB Entertainment, INC. This is our incorporated name and the bank is starting to crack down on all the variations everyone writes on their checks. This is a small list of some of the names on checks, all relevant but not official for checks. KCBA, Bridal Association, Bakersfield Weddings, Bakersfield Bridal Association, Kern Bridal, Bakersfield Bridal, Kern County Bridal Association, Bridal Assoc., and more. If you could just take a moment and change your accounting to reflect KWB Entertainment, INC. It would make things a lot easier.

I will try to keep each one of these short.
Here is the smorgasbord of topics:

  • The Wedding Book 2016
  • Weddings 2016 with David Tutera
  • Yes we’re moving our offices
  • Christmas Mixer
  • New Look to the Kern County Bridal Association Website
  • Are you listed on Bridal Association of America?
  • Leadership Team
  • New Chapters
  • Cruise

The Wedding Book 2016
GC1This will be our best book ever. First we wish to thank all the photographers who submitted images for the cover and to everyone who took the time to review and vote for the cover. Congratulations to Tina Goforth on winning the cover for 2016.

Time is running out fast to get your information in the only Wedding publication in Kern County. We are printing 10,000 books and the deadline to secure your space is December 11th. Please call the office 661-633-9200 or send an email to


Weddings 2016 with David Tutera
David TuteraThe only Bridal Show Kern County is talking about is Weddings 2016 with David Tutera. That’s right, Weddings 2016 will feature Special Guest Celebrity Wedding Planner David Tutera. We have already had brides buying tickets. The traffic to our website has really started to spike with the news.

We have a ton of promotion planned for this event from a Dinner with David fundraiser for the Fairy Godmother Foundation to an Exclusive Red Carpet event the night before the bridal show for our VIP Brides and their guest.

As of this writing I have 3 booth spaces left in the building.

Featured vendors included:
Abbys Photography, AJ’s Tuxedo, All In The Invite, AllSound Music Entertainment, American General Media, Ashley de Pencier Photography, Bakersfield Magazine, Bakersfield Marriott at the Convention Center, Bakersfield Photo Booth Company, Bartender Express, Bartendo by Cool Quencher, Best Party & Event Rentals, C&B Pictures, Casa Royal Banquet Hall, Catering Affairs, Cherry Blossom Bouquets, Crowne Plaza Ventura Beach, David’s Bridal, Dickey’s Barbecue Pit, Dorner Family Vineyard, Elements Venue, Elks Lodge #266, Empire Security, Enchanted Bridal Boutique, Evermoore Films, Fairy Godmother A Wedding & Event Company, Fleur de Lis, Flower Bar, Four Points by Sheraton, Freestyle Event Services Inc., Friar Tux Shop, Frugatti’s Italian, GC Goforth Photography, Golden Touch Limousine, Good Time Entertainment, Grills Gone Wild Catering, Hilton Garden Inn, House of Flowers, Iced Events, InMotion Pro, It Works, Italian Heritage Dante Hall, JC’s Place, Kandid Kamera, KBAK TV 29, Keep Collective Independent Designer, Kelli’s Keepsake Photography, Kern County Museum, Ladies & Gents Bridal, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Midnite DJ, Mr. Tuxedo, Nature’s Cathedral, New City Cleaners, Non Stop Sound, NutriChef USA, NV Catering, Oh, Gina! Photography, Origami Owl, Park Place Special Events, LLC, Pesiri Photography, RC’s Affordable Limousine, Real 2 Reel Productions, Reverend Albert M. Haywood, Sew Elegant Bridal Veils & Alterations, Shelli Renee Photography, Sparkle Snapshots, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Sweet Surrender Bakery, Tastries Bakery, The Links at Riverlakes Ranch, The Padre Hotel, The Westchester, Viral Photo Booth, Walker Lewis Rents, Watson Realty

We still do have a few sponsorship available for this Bridal Show.  Please call Kyle for more information. 661-633-9200

Yes we are moving our offices
Bridal Association Future HomeDecember will be the last month we will be at our current location. It is time to move from a house to an office setting. Our new address will be 1901 Chester Ave. Yes that is the old JC Penny Building and we will be taking over several of the offices on the second floor. A few of the reasons for the move are; 1. More of a Professional Business look with room to expand. 2. We now will have a classroom to hold educational seminars for both our members and brides. 3. We have full use of the building for Bridal Association functions if needed. 4. The owners of the property have agreed to give our members a discount on office space that included Wi-Fi, Power, Water, etc. in the price of the office rent.


Christmas Mixer
Our Christmas Mixer will be back at Rio Bravo Country Club this year. Tickets are $25pp open to all wedding professionals and their guest. There is a limited number of tickets still available. Please call or email the office to reserve your tickets now! This is a good way to through a Christmas Party for your employees.
We will have Music by Good Time Entertainment, Photo Booth by Abbys Photography, Photography by C&B Pictures, Desert by Tastries Bakery & and Ice Cream Bar by Ben & Jerrys.

New Look to the Kern County Bridal Association Website
CaptureWe have updated the look of the Bridal Association website to a more modern and Google friendly site. We also have our very own Web guru on staff and she is amazing. Carissa now oversees the websites for the Bridal Association and any updates go through her. Her email address is or you can call the office during business hours 661-633-9200.



Are you listed on Bridal Association of America?
Carissa has also updated the Bridal Association of America website. Now members can manage their own listing on the site. Some of you have been listed and some we are still working on. Please go to the site and check to make sure that you are listed. If you are listed, claim your listing and start managing it. If you are not listed, create an account and get listed. It is included in your membership.

Leadership Team
The Kern County Bridal Association has a leadership team that helps in the direction of the association on certain materials. Everything from planning the next great mixer to ticket prices for bridal shows and mixer locations. The committee even deals with member ethics and review complaints from time to time. This is a commitment of about 4 hours a month (2 at the mixer and 2 at lunch) for 1 year. If you would like to help shape the Bridal Association please let us know and we will send you an application for review.

New Chapters
We are growing!
This is a 24 month process, but we are growing chapters all over.
We have launched the Ventura County Chapter last month (10/15) and are now working on: Clark County (Las Vegas), Collin County, Texas, LA County, Orange County.


You work hard for your business everyday, Let your business take you on vacation!

Wedding Professional Business Cruise to Mexico April 3rd 2016. Starting at $499.00 Per Person*  Port Charges and Taxes Included!!

Are you in the Business of Weddings? Has business been slow? Are you looking for ways to book more brides? Are you open to having a great time while learning and relaxing? Then the Wedding Professionals cruise is just what you need!

Thank You,
Kyle Brown
531 H Street
Bakersfield, Ca 93304

Wedding Book 2016 Cover Contest

Cover-Contest2016Yes, it’s finally time for the Wedding Book cover competition. Attached please find a mock-up for your information. The information contained on the front (title, year, association credit) needs to be there, but other than that feel free to be creative while still leaving a 3/8″ bleed margin all the way around. Feel free to make font changes if you like, but know that we reserve the right to change the font for clarity reasons if it’s too busy.

(1) In order to compete for the book cover, you must be a member photographer and agree to stay a member in good standing for the run of the book, or through January 24, 2017 when the new book will be released.
(2) You will receive credit for the cover on the cover photo(s) itself as well as on page 2, the credits page.
(3) If / when possible, we would like to include other member businesses for credit as well. For example, your submission was taken at a member facility, we need to know that so we can credit that facility on page 2. The same would hold true for flowers, cake, gown, tuxedo or anything else in the shot that can be credited to a member business.
(4) Non-member businesses will not receive credit in the publication.
(5) All work must be your own (you must be the one who took the photo) as your registered business.

Submission deadline by November 10, 2015

We will be voting at the November 17th 2015 Mixer. (their will be a limit of 1 vote for each member business in attendance)
Please submit the designed front cover in high resolution in pdf or jpg format.
Color may be changed slightly to better coordinate with photographs, but please do not add complicated backgrounds or textures that could detract from the clarity of the back cover listings.
Up to 3 submissions will be considered per registered KCBA business.

Please do not included your logo on the submission as we need to have a blind vote. We will add it later.
The back cover is reserved for the alphabetical listing of participating businesses

Finish Size is 8.5 tall X 5.5 Wide

you can see past covers on our facebook page here

Winner will be determined by popular vote of eligible KCBA businesses. Non-member businesses will not be allowed to vote. If you have any questions, or need more information, please call Kyle at 633-9200.

Good luck to everyone!


printing contest example