March Newsletter – Updates within the association

Bridal Show / March Mixer / Wedding Book 2017

Platinum Wedding & Events @ Seven Oaks Country Club

Seven OaksOur next Bridal Show will be Sunday, April 2nd at the Seven Oaks Country Club. This show is limited to 34 Vendors and we currently have 11 spaces available; categories are limited. Doors will open at 11am for VIP Brides who will enjoy a champagne brunch on The Green. General Admission doors will open at 12noon. At 2pm brides who are interested will be escorted outside to the Rose Garden for an outdoor fashion show. You will not want to miss this show as it will be catered to not only brides but anyone in Kern County that is planning any sort of event.
March Mixer on the 22nd

OWedding Book Coverur March Mixer is Wednesday, March 22, 2017, at the Seven Oaks Country Club at 5:30pm. Any guest that shows up before 5:45pm will receive an extra entry to a raffle basket valued at over $100. At this mixer, we will reveal the map for the April Bridal Show and you will be able to view your spot and get a complete view of where the show will be held. Bag Stuffers for the upcoming show will need to be delivered to our office before Thursday, March 30th. We will be stuffing 100 bags for this show.

The Wedding Book 2017/2018

The Wedding Book 2017 is scheduled to be released in September 2017. We have taken into account that the beginning of the year is a difficult time for a lot of members due to holidays and an abundance of Bridal Shows in the area. After many meetings, we have come to the decision to move forward with a Fall Wedding Book instead of our January Wedding Book. Advertisement prices will remain the same as previous years. Deadlines for advertisements will be in July. 10,000 books will be locally distributed throughout the following 12 months to over 200 local locations. If you are interested in advertising in the Fall 2017 Book we will have forms at our March Mixer.

Thank you! We can’t wait to see you all at the Mixer.

From the Bridal Association re Bridal Show, Wedding Book & Membership

Thanks you for talking to me, it was a pleasure.  The Bridal Association is in contact with several thousand brides every year here in Bakersfield and would love to have you as a member.

Bridal Show

I have also included the agreement for our 2017 bridal shows.  Our next show is January 29th at the Kern County Fairgrounds.
Here is a 360 look from the stage

Booth space is limited and some categories have limits. more info. . .


I have also included a membership application as well.

Here is a list of just a few of the websites that you can be listed on with your KCBA membership at no extra cost!

[Kern County Bridal Association | Bridal Association of America | Wedding Association | The Best Weddings | Bakersfield Quinceanera | My Fair Wedding | Rainbow Weddings]


Wedding Book:

Thank you for your interest in the Wedding Book 2017. We are very proud of the success of the wedding book over the last 18 years

Here are just a couple of facts about the Wedding Book

  • Only Wedding Publication in Kern County. Since 1998 (This will be The Wedding Books 19th year)
  • 10,000 books distributed throughout the year.
  • Available at over 100+ wedding/woman related locations.
  • Added to the Bride Bag at all 3 Bridal Events.
  • Available online on The Kern County Bridal Association website

Ad prices are as follows

  • Full Page:       $2195
  • Half Page        $1495
  • Qtr Page         $1195
  • Directory Only $795

Current KCBA Members save 500 off there
wedding-book-contract 2017
What our brides are saying

Devon Spaulding It helped out immensely! Rather than constantly asking around, and researching different vendors on the internet, I had it all in one place! This book was my bridal bible!! Lol It made planning my wedding so much more convenient, and easier than ever. I recommend it to anyone planning their wedding! Thanks to this book, my wedding will be beautiful next month. Thank you #KCBA

Ada S Medel It was my bible lol!!

Kelan Rockholt So we are still currently using the book and it has helped immensely. We are able to see what it is that we are missing in order to make our day even more special. We were able to find things that we didnt even think about, like the alterations for her wedding dress or the table Lennon lol. So looking through this book has really helped and is going to continue to assist us till we get married in April . Thank you #KCBA we needed this BOOK.

Grace Kelly Villanueva Currently planning my wedding. I received my copy at the recent bridal show. Great advice and checkoff lists to help in the process. It has been quite helpful in pointing out some areas that I had not already had stirring in my head! Great assortment of vendor information! A go to for a little bit of everything. I also have the app on my phone and utilized bride scan to save info of the vendors I am interested in from meeting them at the bridal show. Have had follow-up meetings with a few already. Vendors listed and recommended by the Association is appreciated, so I am able to choose professional services that will make our day fun! So far for me, i am enjoying making decisions :) and excited to marry my Love!! Thank you!

Alicia Casas It has helped me so much! It helped me find vendors who are trusted by not only the association but by other brides! It helped me with the small details, tipping vendors, Permits needed, insurances, and a tremendous amount of other information!! I’m still planning my wedding now, but with the book it helps making the planning that much easier! Super excited to get married, and winning a honeymoon would be the icing on the cake!! Good luck to all the other brides and grooms who have entered!! ????thank you #kcba!

James Jackson My fiance and I have used this book for all of our wedding needs, it’s really great to have everything you need in one place. We get married soon, and the only thing missing is a vacation. Would be awesome to win. Thanks #KCBA!

Nikki Dominguez The book helped me organize my thoughts and put them to paper. It gave me complete access to the many different vendors making it so much easier to narrow down. I also got a little description along with awesome discounts! Thank you Kern County Wedding & Bridal Association!!;)

Heather Nguyen The book is really helpful..I didn’t even know where to begin to look for the location of the ceremony and reception and the book gave a good list of places! Places I have never heard of before or thought of! I keep the book in my wedding bag as a quick guide of all things wedding! I love that everything is local and so it makes it so much easier!

Thank You,
Bridal Association

1901 Chester Ave., Ste. 201

Bakersfield, CA 93301

How to Pick Your Wedding Day Veil

How to Pick Your Wedding Day Veil

Veils aren’t really a must anymore but wearing one down the isle makes you feel like more of a bride. But you can’t just throw on any white veil and call it a day. No no no, this takes careful planning and consideration. So here are some helpful tips for every bride to help you ease along your veil picking process.

Lots of Twinkle

If your dress, which should be picked out first, is heavily beaded then a veil with beautiful Swarovski crystals scattered along the trim of the veil would get perfectly. This will defiantly catch the eye and sparkle and shine as you walk down the isle. If you were not absolutely stunning before, you will be after adding a veil like that!

Photo Credit: C&B Photography
Photo Credit: C&B Photography

Simple but Brilliant

If you have a simple white dress without any sort of embellishments or bead work then maybe an angle cut veil could be for you! Here it’s all about framing the face. A simple angle cut placed properly with small amounts of lace or even a satin trim will make you pop and feel elegant and posed for your trip down the isle.

Photo Credit: C&B Photography
Photo Credit: C&B Photography

Modern Chic

Mermaid styled dresses, tea length, they all fit in this category that has become widely popular. Especially mermaid dresses, so if your dress fits this category pay attention. A modern dress needs a modern veil. It’s as simple as that. Tea length dresses and even some mermaid dresses would better match with a short (shoulder length) layered veil. But be wary of too many layers!

Photo Credit: C&B Photography
Photo Credit: C&B Photography

Statement Back

Lace backed dresses are staging a take over on weddings everywhere. They are beautiful, slimming, and defiantly eye catching. So you will want to show off the highlight of your dress with thin, sheer fabric with no embellishments. But remembering that one layer of fabric is more than enough! We don’t want to cover up the beautiful lace work on your dress.

Photo Credit: GC Photography
Photo Credit: GC Photography

Long Trains

A dress with a lot of back detail is not always necessarily a good thing, but if your dress has a long train and little to no embellishment then the world of veils is open to you! Almost any veil would be a good match for a long train. Particularly a cathedral style veil. It will create an air of refinement and pose. Just be sure your veil train extends past your dress train.

Photo Credit: GC Photography
Photo Credit: GC Photography

Beach Vibes

Sandy beach weddings are always beautiful but wind can be an issue. So a chapel style veil that will float in the wind delicately but not too much to be a struggle is a must have.

Beach wedding

Photo Credit: Abbys Photography

Short and Cute

Short dress? Short veil. Even it out so you don’t look off balanced. A birdcage veil would fit perfectly with a shorter dress. Or if your prefer, a layered veil would also fit nicely.

Photo Credit: GC Photography
Photo Credit: GC Photography

Winning Over The In-Laws

Winning Over the In-Laws

One of the most stressful parts of a relationship is the ever looming question “will the parents like me?” In some cases the future mother in law falls head over heels for the woman her son is betrothed to and bring her into the family with open arms. In other cases…not so much. So here are a few pointers to help keep a smooth relationship with the other woman in your mans life.

                                                                                  Photo credit: Ashley dePencier Photography

1.) One on one time is key. Don’t just see your future mother in law when your boyfriend/ fiance is with you. Spend time alone with her and let her get to know you on a personal level and by the same token, get to know her. whether its brunch, a movie date, dinner, or a walk around the park just to talk, spend time alone. She is after all the woman who turned your man into the man you want to marry right? Let her know you want a personal relationship, it will make everyone more comfortable in the long run.

2.) Some mothers see the bride as the woman who is not only making their sons happy but also in a way, stealing them away. Let her know her relationship with her son is still solidly intact. As a couple spend time with your in laws before and after the wedding.Take advice from them because whether you would like to admit it or not they sometimes know what they are talking about.

3.) Always be respectful, no matter the circumstance. It keeps the peace. Make sure your future mother-in-law knows what a terrific job she did raising her son and how much you love and adore him. This will make her more comfortable knowing her son has someone who truly loves and cherishes him. Don’t be shy about your feelings ladies!

Remember, this is your future extended family. Mothers will always be wary of their sons girlfriends and wives. But the more conformable you make them feel about you and the relationship, the smoother everything will go.